Family and Children

Capture the Moments that Matter...

Children grow up so fast. One minute they're sitting up, then learning to walk, and the next thing you know it's their first day at school! 

Your family is constantly changing, evolving and it's so important to capture those special moments. 

Whether you are after shots of your children, your family or even your extended family I can help you create images that you will treasure.

As a mum I also know how hard it can be to get a photograph of all of you together, it's always mum or dad behind the camera. That's where I come in. 

Another's so hard to get kids to sit still for photos isn't it? The answer...don't ask them to.

We'll go for a walk, climb some rocks, run across fields or blow some bubbles. You'll get shots with those beautiful natural smiles, not the "say cheese" smile that children seem to do as soon as they see a camera.

As with the couples shoots I know some great locations across Sheffield and the Peak District, but if there's somewhere special to you then that will work really well for this kind of shoot.


The prices page shows you what is included in the Family/Child package.

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